The Night I Will Remember Forever: Oct 19, 2015

Hi sweet friends!! Your prayers were heard by Jesus and felt by me. Thank you thank you thank you. I am home, happy, rested, and feeling so good. I have so many God stories of the past week to share. The surgery went “perfectly” according to the doctors – I will update here very, very soon. Thank you for the overwhelming love and support through the past few weeks!! I felt His peace that surpassed all understanding. 

For now though, I have to share with you the amazing night before my surgery, Monday, October 19 at Lamar Young Life’s Club. I get to sing at club each week which I absolutely love – but with my surgery upcoming I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to sing much more/ever again. So the night before my surgery, we sang some of the best: Hey Ya, Blank Space, Mirrors, I Won’t Give Up, and then for the first time, we sang my anthem, Good Good Father. But before we sang it, I got to intro it and tell 170 of my high school friends just what was happening to me the next morning. I got to tell them that no matter what mountain they are facing, God is their Good, Good Father who is with them every minute and loves them dearly. And that my mountain just happened to be the next morning at 7:30am. The videos are here if you want to watch 🙂 The lapses in my singing are me getting choked up….it was just that special. I will remember this night forever.

The night was also incredibly special because one of my precious senior girls made me a thyroid cancer awareness ribbon boa that I wore the whole night. Then, as the hundreds of students poured in to the club room, they were all wearing matching ribbons!! Even students I had never seen before. Oh the sweet love of that whole room! Jesus was there.

And to completely top the night off, my 86 and 85-year-old grandparents surprised me at club by driving the 10 hours from Arkansas to be at my surgery, and sat next to my sweet mom, Aunt DeeDee, and friends Jan, Laura, and Meredith to hear my testimony and hear me sing.

Mimi and Grandpa

The night was the most amazing combination of butterflies and fears about the next morning’s unknown, a calm and bravery and peace that I’d never known before, so many tears seeing so many dear people in my life and realizing the circumstances that brought them all to Houston but overall just seeing LOVE straight from Jesus lavished down on me from All 170 students + 20 leaders + my 10 visitors = 200 people cheering for me, praying for me, and hugging me (nearly all of them!!!!) before I left for the night. Not to mention the 200+ of you who texted me on Monday and Tuesday. I have just never ever felt so loved in my entire life. Thank you thank you.

I hugged my precious senior girl Zayra who I’ve gotten to know and hang out with these past four years and thanked her for my boa and for crafting all the ribbons to make me feel so incredibly loved. And I told her, “I will remember this night forever.” And I will. It was the night I shared about the scariest upcoming day of my life, the night I sang my heart out about my Jesus, the night I felt more loved than ever before, and the night I fell asleep with more peace than I could have ever even imagined.

I slept soundly and woke up with that same peace at 4:30am to leave my house at 5:00am to get to the hospital at 5:30am. More to come on all of that.

Love you all!!

Mary Grace

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