November 10: The Day of The Miracle

This is the Thanksgiving post that has been swirling around in my head and only now am I sitting down to write it.

But- crazy enough – today is my one-month celebration of the doctor declaring me cancer free AND telling me I did not have to have the follow-up radioactive iodine treatment. HUGE PRAISE!!!

On October 29, my surgeon called and told me that my nodule was indeed cancer. This was what I was expecting of course, but hearing the words with finality was truly strange. But the best part of hearing the words “yes, cancer” was that is was NO longer in my body.

On November 10, when I walked into my endocrinologist’s office, I expected to schedule an iodine treatment for early December. But, she told me that my 3.5cm nodule had reduced in size when they took it out, down to only 2.1cm. This bumped me down a category from the “Recommended for Iodine Treatment” to the “Not Recommended for Iodine Treatment.” She pointed to a graph of recommendations and told me that my cancer was completely marginalized aka nothing had spread ANYWHERE and the cancer was contained to its 2.1cm self.

ALL of these things added up slowly but surely in my head as she said, “You are right on the line – but I do NOT recommend that you move forward with the iodine treatment. We will keep our eyes on you – but I do not expect this to ever come back. We feel confident that we got all the cancer.”

Praise, praise and more praise!! I had not even expected this news until a scan in mid-December- so to have this news on November 10 was ABOVE and BEYOND what I even knew to pray. That’s just like God though – showing up in bigger and better ways than we thought. In my head, the nodule had to NOT be cancer for me to not move forward with the treatment. But God knew better. He knew that it could be cancer AND He could still come through and erase the treatment that I’d been praying so hard about. And He did.

I knew He could do it -but it still blew my little mind – so I am calling it The Day of The Miracle.

Margaux NY – started by a friend!

Later that day, I ended up buying some super fancy shoes to celebrate, and then while shopping there, my car got towed. But I didn’t even care. It was Miracle Day and truly nothing could stop my joy. Even when the credit card company called to make sure I was really spending all that money in one night. (OOPS & sorry, Capital One! All me!)

Today is December 10 – and I have been praising Jesus for that Miracle for a full month now.

It was truly one of the most exhausting months of my life following my

Thanksgiving in Tyler

recovery: three insanely busy weeks at work, our fundraiser festival Houston Via Colori with early mornings and late nights, traveling for Thanksgiving, and a nonstop but amaaazing Young Life retreat we call Polar Bear. The one thing missing this whole month has
been: sleep.

Hence the reason that this blog post is just now making its way up.


Lamar YL Polar Bear Weekend @ Pine Cove Silverado // COLOR WAR

I had bloodwork done last week to make sure I’m on the right dosage of thyroid medicine. But I am truly feeling good aside from still being pretty tired.

As I look back on the past two months – I am still blown away by the LOVE that was poured out to me from each of you. I am still holding it so close and so blessed by it. And rest assured I will remember it forever.

On Monday night, I got to share with my Lamar friends about the greatest gift I’ve ever been given: salvation in Jesus because God sent Him down here as a baby at Christmas. Last time I spoke in front of them was October 19, the night before my surgery. I got to tell them the good news about my surgery, and they all erupted in cheer. I told them about the cancer being all gone, and they erupted in cheer again. My heart was so full, so full.

We take Christmas Club sweater-ing very seriously.

SO much love from me to you,


Mary Grace

PS – While I was in the hospital, my mom and I listened to this podcast from Louie Giglio’s Sunday message. It was so aptly titled, “When Darkness Falls.” It will bless you!